Good Food Made Fun


Our Mission

Making Kids Love Real Food

We make real food fun for kids and easy for families.

We make our food fresh daily from scratch and deliver lunches, snacks and family take-home dinners to partner schools. We chop fruits into toddler-size pieces, serve veggies with dips (because kids love that!) and sneak nutrients into places where no one expects them. Our food-focused activity kits and kid chefs classes make trying new foods fun!

Our mission is to help parents who want their kiddos to grow up loving real food.

Our Food

Healthy. Tasty. Real.

Warning: Shelf Unstable.

Our stuff doesn’t last because we use real, whole ingredients that you can recognize. What does that mean? Fresh fruits and veggies like kale, whole grains like quinoa and organic brown rice, and deliciously crunchy nutrient bombs like pumpkin seeds. What does it NOT mean? Preservatives, processed foods and fillers.  

Which means a short shelf life. We wouldn't have it any other way!

Our Difference

Nutrition Science Meets Culinary Art

Packed with Nutrients, Naturally.

Everyone’s nutritional needs are different. Age, gender, activity level all factor into what your body needs to flourish. Children have demanding nutritional requirements — low caloric needs but high nutrient needs. So their food must be as "nutrient dense” as possible. At Sproot, scientists design our nutrient targets and artists design our recipes.

The result? Optimal nutrition through delicious food.


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