Healthy food for School

We usually wonder what food to give our children for school?

Healthy Snack Ideas

Between the fact that our children protest about the fruit and that sometimes when we have put it back in our rusted backpack to finally end up in the garbage can, we don't want to persist on the subject. In the end, in spite of ourselves, we often throw away the classic biscuits, in the best of cases, because they are eaten and because they are quick to prepare, things as they are.

3 steps to avoid processed food
At home we set out to try to avoid processed foods and give them fresh things and discovered that there are three things that can help in this challenge:

Involve children in the purchase of food: The fruit shop is one of our favourite shops and the fact that the children came with us to do the shopping helped a lot. It was not something premeditated, because as in many families we have to do the domestic chores accompanied by our children. Fruits and vegetables with their colors and aromas are already attractive by themselves. It is about putting them within their reach and allowing them to experience and try things. That they themselves buy the food helps, I won't tell you since they cultivate it and collect it.
Open your mind to other possibilities: Sometimes parents have a somewhat rigid thought in the way of doing things, so it happened to me that out of the fruit I did not know that I could put them that was not "packaged food" or sandwiches with the corresponding cold meat. However, there are many other things that are just as healthy as fruit and are not processed food. So looking at the grocery store with a more open mind, of course with the help of my kids, we found many other things that could be taken for recess or snack.
Try and try to find but not abuse: And as in many other things in life, it's about trying and trying without prejudice to find out what really works and what doesn't work. And even if you find something that is eaten well, try to vary because it can also happen that they get tired and hate it and after the effort would be a real pity.

Healthy and fresh food for school recess and snacks

With the three simple steps above we found that there are many more things that we thought you could take with you, they are rich, healthy and like them. And not only that, but some schoolmates have also discovered it through them and their mothers are very grateful to us.

There are vegetables that you can take that also give you fiber and vitamins and sometimes even easier to prepare than fruit. We recommend it:

  •     Cherry tomatoes. They are very easy to prepare and to take and they are eaten phenomenally.
  •     Raw red pepper. You don't have to peel it either, as much as cut it up.
  •     Carrot. You have to peel it but then wrap it in aluminum foil and get along very well.
  •     Cucumber. It must also be peeled and cut into pieces, but it is very easy to carry.

Easy to carry fruit for school recess

    Let us recognise that not all fruits are suitable for taking away, that some are easier than others and that we are also conditioned by whether we are in season or not.

    Apples. They can be worn unpeeled if they don't mind eating them with their skin. My children prefer it peeled, although it oxidizes a little.
    Banana. One of the easiest fruits to carry.
    Tangerines. Like the banana are very easy to carry and can be peeled well too. The bad thing is that they are seasonal and there is not all year.
    Strawberries, Grapes and Cherries. They are also very easy to take with you, just rinse them and put them in a small tupper or wrapped in aluminum foil and they will be eaten easily. However, they are seasonal fruits.
    Kiwi. This is very easy to eat for them with a spoon. Cut in half, they eat it with the spoon like they would eat a yogurt, although they have to have already a little skill to herd well all the meat of the kiwi.

For the snack only fruit can be little, so one way not to stay hungry, eat the fruit more easily, comfortably and can go to play quickly, is to cut it and mix it with the yogurt to eat everything together. This little trick works very well for us.

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