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Healthy food for School

We usually wonder what food to give our children for school?

Healthy Snack Ideas
Between the fact that our children protest about the fruit and that sometimes when we have put it back in our rusted backpack to finally end up in the garbage can, we don't want to persist on the subject. In the end, in spite of ourselves, we often throw away the classic biscuits, in the best of cases, because they are eaten and because they are quick to prepare, things as they are.

3 steps to avoid processed food
At home we set out to try to avoid processed foods and give them fresh things and discovered that there are three things that can help in this challenge:

Involve children in the purchase of food: The fruit shop is one of our favourite shops and the fact that the children came with us to do the shopping helped a lot. It was not something premeditated, because as in many families we have to do the domestic chores accompanied by our children. Fruits and vegetables with their colors and aromas a…