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Food rich in collagen: experts opinion

Foods high in collagen
There are many foods that can cover a collagen-rich diet. This includes nuts, vegetables, meats. Next we will talk especially about two foods with higher collagen content and therefore very beneficial to health: blue fish and egg whites.

Blue fish and a diet rich in collagen Some fish assortments contain a ton of nutrients and supplements. Especially some are high in collagen.

Eating fish is not for everyone and there are different options, unlike eating fish which, in any case, could provide supplements.

Fish is commonly regarded as an important aspect of a reasonable and solid diet, as indicated by the dietary rules of administration. In addition, although fish consumption is not for everyone, there are many advantages and embarrassments that accompany it.

Eating fish can have some significant benefits

Different types of fish are rich in nutrients A, D, calcium and magnesium.

In addition, they are high in omega-3 fats, which can reduce the pulse, decrease the…

Benefits of Sprouting seed for everyday health! An expert interview.

Cindy Peña was taking a class on seeds at San Diego City College a few years ago when she got the idea to start her San Diego Seed Company, which produces seeds adapted for local and regional Southern California climates. She saw a need to serve urban farmers and small-scale growers, and each of their microclimates. Over the years, they’ve evolved into educating the surrounding community on regionally adapted seeds.

“At the end of the day, I love growing. It’s a magical thing that not only holds purpose in its practicality, but also can provide so much joy to communities. Some of the most prosperous communities around the world hold a reverence for good, local food, and their participation in the process of making that happen,” she says. “I want to share that with people so that, one day, my children can live in a world where food is valued more than material things. A world where we value our farmers and teachers.”

Part of sharing that includes her participation in today’s Soil Shind…