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Dental advice for babies and toddlers

The number of cavities in children has increased dramatically. This is due to the amount of sugars they ingest. Not only in sweets and sweets, but also in many foods such as juices, pastries, smoothies, bread.... We have normalized cavities in our lives. But do we really stop to think about all that a cavity can imply? In the best case, the child will collaborate and a pulpectomy can be performed on the piece of milk. In worse cases, especially when they are very small, we will have to opt for a general anaesthetic to fix the cavity. With the dangers that it entails. If the cavity is produced in a definitive piece (remember that at the age of 6 the first definitive molars appear), a filling or an endodoncy will have to be made if the cavity affects the nerve. And from there to lose the piece, not much goes.

No, I'm not an exaggeration. My oldest son is missing a tooth. He's been taking steroids for his asthma since he was 6 months old, which is difficult to control, more or l…

Increasing Low Milk Supply

This is a question that has faced many mothers, mothers who because of ignorance, comments from others or not knowing what is happening to their baby at that time, have the doubt that they will not have enough milk to breastfeed their child. But it's not a new question. Having too little milk has been a constant concern throughout history. And many have been the remedies.

Breastfeeding works on the principle of stimulation-production. The more suckling the baby does, the more milk is produced. The question is, can one have too little milk? Yes, you can, for two fundamental reasons.

The first reason is the lack of stimulation. If you do not breastfeed frequently, because of nipple pain, cracks, mastitis, or to offer strict schedules, production decreases. All this can be solved by putting the baby to breastfeed frequently, looking for an adequate position so that the grip is optimal, letting the baby suck everything he wants from one breast before offering the other.

The second re…

Self-esteem & confidence for children

What is self-esteem?

To be a person is to be able to love.

A general feeling of worth that we give to ourselves.

Feeling worthy of being loved and capable.

It is built on: One's own character and early experiences.

Diverse situations and how it is identified.

This assessment is built day by day.

The family is the key for a person to feel valuable.

Only after the experience of knowing that I am loved will I be able to learn the sea to others.

To love is learned by being loved, it is simple for a person to be able to value himself in what he is, he must have had the experience of having felt loved without conditions, by himself.

It has to do with the safety of the person.

Feeling Worthy of Being Loved

Feeling capable

1.- Self-consciousness (make them feel loved)

2.- Self-evaluation (to know how they really are)

What is valuable (that they have powerful reasons for wanting to improve) is positive and healthy self-esteem - knowledge, recognition and acceptance of one'…

Pregnant woman and work

I still remember the excitement I felt a little over a year ago when I saw the video of cousin Ashley Bouder making fouettes when she was six and a half months pregnant. I was reviewing Instagram while my son Luca was enjoying his afternoon teat session, and the video appeared like a glass of fresh water between selfies and photos of cats. A belly dancer, bathed in sweat, during the final part of her daily class, spinning like before becoming pregnant was a scene I had never seen before (fouettes are pirouettes in which one leg propels the rest of the body like a whip to spin many times in a row).

this dancer, like several others who at the peak of their careers decide to have children, continued dancing on stage until she had four months of gestation and her belly began to become too notorious. She continued to make immense jumps and dance in demanding roles, such as Rocío's Gota de Rocío in the ballet Cascanueces, several weeks pregnant. She continued to attend ballet class ever…

Superfoods You Should Eat Every Day

Is it true that there are superfoods? Those that fight cancer or that increase fat loss? What are they? How to consume them? Here are some answers.

Dince the classic scene of Popeye the Seafarer eating a can of spinach in one bite and becoming a strong and almost invincible man, miraculous properties were already being attributed to certain foods. The problem is that today, with so much misinformation swarming around about what to eat, it only lends itself to confu- sions and misinterpretations. Do spinach really give strength? Do blueberries help protect against cancer? Does ginger promote fat loss? Does chia have more protein than animal meat? Hand in hand with specialists, at Bienestar Colsanitas we decided to solve these and other doubts. Take note.

Foods with super powers: truth or lie? "There is no superfood that is magically superior or that has a more beneficial effect than another," explains Dr. Astrid Meneses, a nutritionist-dietitian attached to Colsanitas. Each …

How to Encourage Babies to Walk

When we have a baby, the consultation gives us normal patterns of psychomotor development. More or less, babies manage to do certain things with the same months of age. But it is only indicative. If a baby does something a little earlier or a little later than expected, it is normal. They are children, not programmed machines. Just in case they do not follow a normal development, that we see warning signs that worry us, we should consult the pediatrician.

All healthy babies achieve normal developmental milestones for their age. Some before and some after. If we leave them, under normal conditions everyone does. But in this society in which we live, it seems that the baby is better than before. The one who sits first, the one who walks first, the one who controls the pee first. And we force them to do things that they are going to achieve by themselves anyway.

And as on the subject of motherhood, everybody thinks, everybody knows....because they tell us how to do things.

When the prin…

A real example of organic farming

With the harvest, I talked to some organic farmers about the yield and quality of their crops, as well as the price they are paid. As it happens, some of the beef producers also had something to say.
We were happy with our harvest. The rice were clean and, although they were harvested with 21% moisture, our dryer took them to 18%, at which point they were weighed when they went in the Arctic to Flahavans. It ran at 2.1 tons per acre, while we generally consider 2 to be approximately the average. Most of the loads weighed 58 bushel with a load of 58.5, so we were very happy with that.
He has been growing organically since the 1970s, also produces oilseed rape:
"Oilseed rape gave an average green yield of one tonne per acre, which is on par, but was dirtier than normal due to the cold snap in May, when the rape was stopped for a critical period of time. In addition, the combination was later than normal, for the same reason, resulting in a high humidity level.
Having cleaned and dried,…

Lunch in Japan's schools - The best in the world?

In most public elementary schools in Japan, there is a lunch service Monday through Friday called Kyûshoku (給食)

Today I want to show you how lunches are in Japanese public elementary schools. The children not only eat rice but also bread, as you can see in the pictures.

The children in each class take turns handing out the food with an apron and hat that they take home on weekends to wash and bring home clean on Monday, and hand it to the next group that will hand out the food that week.

One of the things I find interesting, is the invitation to parents to eat lunch with children called Kyûshoku shishokukai shishokukai (給食試食会). I find it interesting and a good habit because parents can eat with their children and see what they eat and what they don't eat, talk to them and also see how a healthy and balanced lunch is.

School lunch in Japan, common costumes And as I always say, I don't know every public elementary school in my country, so I can't say that every school in Ja…

Care for newborn babies

New parents get different and sometimes even contradictory advice. About feeding, about baby sleep habits and about all the other factors in their care. The following are some very simple tips for your baby to have the healthiest nutrition possible.
Food & Beverage 1. If you are going to choose to breastfeed, consider taking the time you are going to breastfeed, 10 minutes at each breast per feeding time is appropriate to start, so more of that time you would be damaging your breasts and run the risk of cracking or bleeding in the nipples. If you have already damaged your nipples due to the pH or acidity of your baby's saliva, choose to use HPA lanolin or Kamillosan cream, so that you will be able to heal them and will not cause harm to the baby at the time of having contact with these cicatrizers.
2. Feed your baby in each feeding with the breast in which you finished the previous feeding, meaning that if you started with the right and finished with the left then the next int…

Organic sleeping

Human beings sleep an average of 23 years throughout our lives. Hence the importance of the bed, the quality of the mattress, and the type of pillow we use to sleep. Any hard or very soft surface is not worth it, as our joints or our spine may suffer from the unfortunate choice, and eventually take its toll. Wooden bedsA more respectful alternative with our body and with the environment, are the natural and ecological beds to sleep better. Wood is the most welcoming and healthy material, especially if you choose it with certification, coming from sustainable forests. Special attention must be paid to the varnishes or paints that have been applied to it. They must always be ecological, odorless and free of toxic products. And of course to discard conglomerates, which often contain adhesives and other irritants. For more sensitive people, there is the possibility of acquiring metal-free wooden beds, that is, they do not go with metal hardware. If you want to make a good purchase decisio…

Healthy food for kids who go to school

Healthy school lunches
Healthy lunches and snacks are an important aspect for children that improves their concentration and learning. Switching to healthy eating isn't always an easy task, but there are simple ways to make your child's school lunch healthier.

Encourage your children to make healthy food choices for healthy eating

School-age children learn quickly and are influenced by their friends and the most popular trends. This is an important time to talk with them and instill healthy eating habits.

The following tips will help you encourage your children to make healthy food choices:

    Talk to your children about what they'd like to include in their snack. Suggest healthy foods and drinks and decide the content of the snack together.
    Write a shopping list together. Take your children to the grocery store and let them choose foods and drinks that you have included in the list.
    Try to get them to help prepare their snacks. Older children can prepare most of…

Traditional Japanese Lunch

A traditional lunch in Japan Authentic Japanese cuisine is still unknown to many in the West and is often confused with other Asian cuisines. We know their most popular dishes well, but do we know what the daily life of Japanese gastronomy is like?

In the book, Tokyo. The cult recipes, edited by Lunwerg, its author, Maori Murota, enters the Japanese capital, discovering the essence of the most authentic Tokyo. A book of recipes, but also a great illustrated work with which to discover the secrets of the day-to-day Japanese gastronomy, from breakfast to dinner.
The Asa Teishoku, a traditional Japanese breakfast, consists of rice, miso soup, tsukemono (Japanese vegetable curd), fish and eggs. This food is fundamental, as it contains the indispensable preparations of your kitchen, such as rice, the fundamental food of Japanese cuisine, and dashi, a basic broth made with katsuobushi (dried bonito in flakes) and kombu, a dried seaweed.

Every day there is not always time to prepa…

Brushing and Mouthwashing techniques

How important is mouthwash? What forms of toothbrushing are there? What is the best mouthwash dispenser? How to brush your teeth? These are common questions for taking care of your oral health. Let's start by exploring different brushing techniques.

Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease affecting everyone, it attacks the hard tissue of the tooth. This disease is caused mainly by bacteria that ferment carbohydrates from the diet producing changes in the salivary pH in such a way that a loss of minerals is generated, thus giving rise to a cavity in the tooth known as caries.

The main factor to control is the bacterial plaque, which triggers different diseases such as dental caries, periodontal disease (periodontitis) and other infectious diseases. The most effective method for plaque removal is brushing, which by doing it in an adequate way guarantees oral hygiene; to this method can be added the use of toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss or interdental brushes as a comp…

Improving Kids' Social Skills

You need good manners. It is not that we long for a world of pomp and venias. Nothing like that. It simply consists in the fact that the currently unweighted good manners constitute a passport to success, because after good eating, correct speaking and precise behaviour the quid of coexistence is disguised: respect for others.

It is clear that along with the arrival of adolescence, children become rebellious and adopt an air of sufficiency. This is natural and demonstrates the growth they are experiencing by reaffirming their personality.

However, as part of this process, they need to adopt three attitudes:
- Essential values are not changed by fashion or age.
- Criticizing is natural in these years, but proposing positive solutions is always better.
- To put oneself in the place of the other.

Without these ingredients, teenagers will grow up without having learned to handle themselves well socially. They will lack what has been called "social intelligence" - which is knowi…