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Care for newborn babies

Food & Beverage 1. If you are going to choose to breastfeed, consider taking the time you are going to breastfeed, 10 minutes at each breast per feeding time is appropriate to start, so more of that time you would be damaging your breasts and run the risk of cracking or bleeding in the nipples. If you have already damaged your nipples due to the pH or acidity of your baby's saliva, choose to use HPA lanolin or Kamillosan cream, so that you will be able to heal them and will not cause harm to the baby at the time of having contact with these cicatrizers.
2. Feed your baby in each feeding with the breast in which you finished the previous feeding, meaning that if you started with the right and finished with the left then the next intake will start with the left and end with the right, so that you can properly empty your breasts and regulate the production of breast milk.
4. If you are going to feed your baby with formulas, consider one of the following brands such as Enfamil Pr…