20 Great ideas on how to deal with stress and anxiety. Part I

Usually we only pay attention to the physical dimension of our health. A holistic view of a healthy life means to take care of all different aspects including the mental of course.

The following quotes give us inspiration on how to manage stressful situations in our everyday life.

1. Free yourself from anxiety, think that what should be, will be, and will happen naturally
When we live in the here and now without recreating ourselves in the future, anxiety disappears.

2. Each morning has two handles, we can take the day by the handle of anxiety or by the handle of faith.
Feeling anxious, many times, is our decision.

3. Anxiety is not here, it is in the future
Irrational expectations and anticipating the future leads to anxiety.

4. No passion like fear so effectively snatches from the mind the ability to act and reason.
Edmund Burke, regarding how our attention and concentration are hijacked by anxiety.

5. Where the water reaches its deepest depth, it remains more calm.

A philosophical quotation by William Shakespeare, which invites the reader to deep reflection. If you improve your introspective capacity, you will achieve peace.

A healthy mind, of course requieres a healthy body. Don't forget that collagen is one key element of your diet for an always young body.

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