Eco-friendly Gifts to Give on Holidays

Holidays has become the time where most is consumed and wasted. Since the end of October, the pressure to consume and therefore waste resources - money, time, energy - that we could invest in areas of our lives that may need it more, such as health, family, education, and recreation.

Here are some gift ideas that are friendly to the environment and also to our pockets.

Give Your Company

This is my favorite gift category. You can give daddies a free afternoon offering to take care of the kids - no wine is better than this one...-, you can give-prepare a dinner to someone you like to share with and maybe you don't see very often, make a sleepover + movies at home with the kids, go to lunch with the mom.

The gifts made by yourself

The classics that come out of the kitchen are cookies, breakers, cakes ... but good if we make them organic. We can also think of other recipes such as pickles or oils flavoured with herbs, cheese sticks, biscuits, etc.

Then, those that come out of pencil and paper: handmade cards, some motif that can be printed on a t-shirt, make a personalized diary... It is also worth printing photos and give them to others.

Buy organic and/or local gifts

This is a good way to support the local economy. In CR is the Mercadito Tropical which gathers a lot of national talent who sells their creations. You can also buy "goodies" produced in CR, not everything has to be foreign chocolate. Better to buy handcrafted and hopefully organic products like coffee, chocolates, jams, etc.

Give support to causes in the name of the gift

This is a very nice way to celebrate that we are a humanity and a planet, very much in line with the message of hope of Christmas (the original ; )). It consists of supporting some cause with which the gift is identified. In my case, now that I am a mother I find it hard to think about little ones being cold and outdoors, so I want to support people who are migrating to Europe through AVAAZ. Other people go to the Red Cross, or Greenpeace. They also help street dogs or a wildlife refuge... each with the cause that calls them the most. Almost always the need is not so far away and helping is always the best gift one (can) make.

The other way to support is by buying products that these humanitarian groups or institutions produce. We can also support other projects through crowdfunding. For example Greenpeace have a line of gifts such as diaries, books, etc.. Theoretical Foundation is also doing Crowdfunding to republish books that are very important for the artistic work of the Central American region.

The gift rotation system

Sometimes we don't like the gifts they give us, so my mom has a corner in her closet where they are ready to enter the second round....
I hope this post will inspire you to spend less money and use some of the above modalities.

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