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5 Healthy Living Tips for Seniors

Your older years may be some of the best years of your life. Having grandchildren or time for retirement offers wonderful memories and experiences. Now is the time to make these years count, so being proactive about your health is critical to maintaining a comfortable and enjoyable quality of life. Older adults should take special precautions to live well and stay healthy. Here are five healthy living tips to help you prevent illness, accidents, and illness.
1. Keep a safe environment. Take care to keep your living environment as safe as possible. Install handrails, sturdy stools, and other safety equipment in your home. Make sure you have an easy way to access your phone in case of an emergency. Keep hallways lit and free of clutter. Ask a friend or loved one to check it periodically if you live independently.
2. Make diet and exercise count. Use your diet as a tool against heart disease, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. Medline Plus recommends that seniors avoid empty calories fr…