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Brushing and Mouthwashing techniques

How important is mouthwash? What forms of toothbrushing are there? What is the best mouthwash dispenser? How to brush your teeth? These are common questions for taking care of your oral health. Let's start by exploring different brushing techniques.

Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease affecting everyone, it attacks the hard tissue of the tooth. This disease is caused mainly by bacteria that ferment carbohydrates from the diet producing changes in the salivary pH in such a way that a loss of minerals is generated, thus giving rise to a cavity in the tooth known as caries.

The main factor to control is the bacterial plaque, which triggers different diseases such as dental caries, periodontal disease (periodontitis) and other infectious diseases. The most effective method for plaque removal is brushing, which by doing it in an adequate way guarantees oral hygiene; to this method can be added the use of toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss or interdental brushes as a comp…

Improving Kids' Social Skills

You need good manners. It is not that we long for a world of pomp and venias. Nothing like that. It simply consists in the fact that the currently unweighted good manners constitute a passport to success, because after good eating, correct speaking and precise behaviour the quid of coexistence is disguised: respect for others.

It is clear that along with the arrival of adolescence, children become rebellious and adopt an air of sufficiency. This is natural and demonstrates the growth they are experiencing by reaffirming their personality.

However, as part of this process, they need to adopt three attitudes:
- Essential values are not changed by fashion or age.
- Criticizing is natural in these years, but proposing positive solutions is always better.
- To put oneself in the place of the other.

Without these ingredients, teenagers will grow up without having learned to handle themselves well socially. They will lack what has been called "social intelligence" - which is knowi…

Eco-friendly Gifts to Give on Holidays

Holidays has become the time where most is consumed and wasted. Since the end of October, the pressure to consume and therefore waste resources - money, time, energy - that we could invest in areas of our lives that may need it more, such as health, family, education, and recreation.

Here are some gift ideas that are friendly to the environment and also to our pockets.

Give Your Company This is my favorite gift category. You can give daddies a free afternoon offering to take care of the kids - no wine is better than this one...-, you can give-prepare a dinner to someone you like to share with and maybe you don't see very often, make a sleepover + movies at home with the kids, go to lunch with the mom.

The gifts made by yourself The classics that come out of the kitchen are cookies, breakers, cakes ... but good if we make them organic. We can also think of other recipes such as pickles or oils flavoured with herbs, cheese sticks, biscuits, etc.

Then, those that come out of pencil …