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Traditional Japanese Lunch

A traditional lunch in Japan Authentic Japanese cuisine is still unknown to many in the West and is often confused with other Asian cuisines. We know their most popular dishes well, but do we know what the daily life of Japanese gastronomy is like?

In the book, Tokyo. The cult recipes, edited by Lunwerg, its author, Maori Murota, enters the Japanese capital, discovering the essence of the most authentic Tokyo. A book of recipes, but also a great illustrated work with which to discover the secrets of the day-to-day Japanese gastronomy, from breakfast to dinner.
The Asa Teishoku, a traditional Japanese breakfast, consists of rice, miso soup, tsukemono (Japanese vegetable curd), fish and eggs. This food is fundamental, as it contains the indispensable preparations of your kitchen, such as rice, the fundamental food of Japanese cuisine, and dashi, a basic broth made with katsuobushi (dried bonito in flakes) and kombu, a dried seaweed.

Every day there is not always time to prepa…