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Organic sleeping

Human beings sleep an average of 23 years throughout our lives. Hence the importance of the bed, the quality of the mattress, and the type of pillow we use to sleep. Any hard or very soft surface is not worth it, as our joints or our spine may suffer from the unfortunate choice, and eventually take its toll. Wooden bedsA more respectful alternative with our body and with the environment, are the natural and ecological beds to sleep better. Wood is the most welcoming and healthy material, especially if you choose it with certification, coming from sustainable forests. Special attention must be paid to the varnishes or paints that have been applied to it. They must always be ecological, odorless and free of toxic products. And of course to discard conglomerates, which often contain adhesives and other irritants. For more sensitive people, there is the possibility of acquiring metal-free wooden beds, that is, they do not go with metal hardware. If you want to make a good purchase decisio…

Healthy food for kids who go to school

Healthy school lunches
Healthy lunches and snacks are an important aspect for children that improves their concentration and learning. Switching to healthy eating isn't always an easy task, but there are simple ways to make your child's school lunch healthier.

Encourage your children to make healthy food choices for healthy eating

School-age children learn quickly and are influenced by their friends and the most popular trends. This is an important time to talk with them and instill healthy eating habits.

The following tips will help you encourage your children to make healthy food choices:

    Talk to your children about what they'd like to include in their snack. Suggest healthy foods and drinks and decide the content of the snack together.
    Write a shopping list together. Take your children to the grocery store and let them choose foods and drinks that you have included in the list.
    Try to get them to help prepare their snacks. Older children can prepare most of…