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Increasing Low Milk Supply

This is a question that has faced many mothers, mothers who because of ignorance, comments from others or not knowing what is happening to their baby at that time, have the doubt that they will not have enough milk to breastfeed their child. But it's not a new question. Having too little milk has been a constant concern throughout history. And many have been the remedies.

Breastfeeding works on the principle of stimulation-production. The more suckling the baby does, the more milk is produced. The question is, can one have too little milk? Yes, you can, for two fundamental reasons.

The first reason is the lack of stimulation. If you do not breastfeed frequently, because of nipple pain, cracks, mastitis, or to offer strict schedules, production decreases. All this can be solved by putting the baby to breastfeed frequently, looking for an adequate position so that the grip is optimal, letting the baby suck everything he wants from one breast before offering the other.

The second re…