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Dental advice for babies and toddlers

The number of cavities in children has increased dramatically. This is due to the amount of sugars they ingest. Not only in sweets and sweets, but also in many foods such as juices, pastries, smoothies, bread.... We have normalized cavities in our lives. But do we really stop to think about all that a cavity can imply? In the best case, the child will collaborate and a pulpectomy can be performed on the piece of milk. In worse cases, especially when they are very small, we will have to opt for a general anaesthetic to fix the cavity. With the dangers that it entails. If the cavity is produced in a definitive piece (remember that at the age of 6 the first definitive molars appear), a filling or an endodoncy will have to be made if the cavity affects the nerve. And from there to lose the piece, not much goes.

No, I'm not an exaggeration. My oldest son is missing a tooth. He's been taking steroids for his asthma since he was 6 months old, which is difficult to control, more or l…